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Aim of this project

The five year survival rate of a person diagnosed with cancer in Japan has reached 54%. Cancer is no longer an “illness leading directly to death,” but has shifted to a “chronic illness that one lives with over a long term.” A person diagnosed with cancer aims for long-term self-actualization as a member of society, and the concept of “cancer survivorship” has gained great recognition in medical policy and the cancer research field. “Work” has a very important implication in daily life after cancer diagnosis. Employment not only reduces financial anxiety, but brings vitality to the lives of patients and family members. Furthermore, employment of valuable talent helps increase workplace productivity and revitalizes the entire community.
In reality, a patient receiving cancer treatment and family members face many difficulties in the employment scene, and existing assistance services are poor. In order to achieve a fulfilled employment, sharing of information and coordination amongst patients, family members, people at the workplace, medical personnel, and occupational health personnel are essential. Promoting support at both the workplace and medical setting is also an important issue.
This project has the following three objectives.

  1. Identify the employment status and information needs, as well as relevant factors for optimal employment, of patients receiving cancer treatment and family members.
  2. Identify awareness and support conditions of key persons in maintaining work environment (i.e., human resources, occupational health, and medical personnel) and identify issues that promote support.
  3. Develop and evaluate support resources individually for patients or family members, human resources, occupational health personnel, and medical personnel.

We look forward to your feedback.

Miyako Takahashi, Principal Investigator, Dokkyo Medical University, School of Medicine, Department of Public Health